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If you are looking for an innovative way to train your employees, Sanvid Infotechnologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. can help.

Web-based training is an excellent way to reach trainees who are based in multiple locations. It's also great for those who are facing time constraints. Web-based training is engaging and highly interactive. It allows you to stream audio and video, conduct question and answer sessions, as well as offers user tracking through AICC and SCORM compliancy. Let Sanvid Infotechnologies (I) Pvt. Ltd develop a customized web-based training module for your business.

Web Based Training (WBT): This is a subset of CBTs in which the material is made accessible on the Internet by applying Web technologies. Typically, it has text and graphics, animation, audio and video, and needs additional bandwidth and software to work optimally. WBT is also referred to as "online courses" and "Web-based instruction".

It presents the latest content of any topic that can be modified and is set in a framework of self-directed and self-paced instruction. It can also be evaluated and adapted, without a computer platform.

  • Training to users is very easily delivered
  • WBTs can be either in the form of individual or group training
  • Multi-platform capabilities are possible, such as Windows, Mac, UNIX, PDA, phone, among others
  • Content can be easily updated
  • Finished product has a quicker turnaround
  • Requires minimal technical support
  • Billing options comprise user ID, number of accesses, date/time of access
  • Access can be controlled
  • The Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) can multitask