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What we do

Sanvid understands that skills' training requires an integrated approach. We understand that offering training as a singular tool is not sufficient. That's why our solution includes other aspects of facilitation to help you navigate not just the inception and sequence of training, but also all the peripheral facilities that go hand-in-hand with skills training.

Sanvid recognises that the strength of any business depends on the strength of relationships, and that the only way to keep relationships strong is through ongoing communication. This is why the Sanvid solution also operates as a communications platform, allowing seamless interplay at all levels between all people concerned.

Sanvid accepts that training is just one element in the training cycle, which is why compliance facilitation is included in our offering. Our system accurately records the learning legacy of users, making it easier for you to implement compliance.


  • User focussed for maximum user engagement and user adoption
  • Individualised learning pathway and continuous progress reporting
  • Increases availability, quality and speed of training
  • Automates training administration to reduce manual and paper processes
  • Controlled reporting when you need it
  • High speed of new product launches and user adoption of new strategies, systems and processes
  • Improves new employee's time to productivity during the onboarding phase
  • Our SaaS solution simply plugs into your existing structures


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