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Custom Computer Based Training(CBT) Development

eLearning solutions that use today's best instructional design techniques and technology to improve retention.

Electronic learning or e-learning is an umbrella term for learning enhanced by the use of computers. To make this happen efficiently, there are many technologies in use, such as CBT.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is a new-age way of learning. It is a form of education in which a student learns by using special training programs while on a computer. This system worked well in the pre-Internet days, but with the explosive use of the Internet, the scope of CBTs is forced to expand. It has several advantages over traditional classroom learning methods and over self-taught books.

Computers have made a huge impact on our lives. We use them to complete our daily tasks. Computers have even managed to change the way we learn. Many people are earning degrees online or partaking in regular online training sessions. These people in turn are saving time and money as well as avoiding the inconveniences of traditional training.

Would you like to have an E-Learning computer-based training module developed for your business?

Sanvid Infotechnologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. fully customized suite of computer-based training solutions include content design and training and assessment development - all available for use on a computer system without the need for Internet access. This interactive e-learning training method gives trainees a self-paced hands-on approach, with the option of tracking a user's progress and assessing what they have learned.

Advantages of CBT:

  • The learner can think, respond and give feedback on the subject.
  • It offers a stimulating environment where the learner can learn at his own pace.
  • A learner can take the course at his convenience without any expense of time or travel.
  • By being accessible to the widest audience at multi-locations, it is cost-effective for the learner.
  • It can be custom-designed for specific industries, and can also be conveniently used by the physically challenged.
  • CBTs also save organizations instructor costs, costs of arranging training and travel and learners travel costs and time.
  • Busy IT professionals can get their certifications without the hassle of travelling to a classroom.
  • Through CBTs, employees can keep abreast with ever changing technology.
  • CBT technology also breaks down complex software into bite sized modules for easy and quick understanding.